Change Media is changing the media is changing yourself is changing your world – one incredible story at a time.

In this ‘Digital Age’ most people are consumers of digital media. Yet many communities are disenfranchised from accessing the equipment and basic skills to take advantage of this powerful medium to produce and share their own stories.

We created Change Media to bridge this gap.
It is a multi-award-winning hands-on digital training program, that supports communities to produce and deliver innovative media for social change. The participants are empowered as their life stories are valued and they learn essential 21st century skills.

We are market leaders in community youth empowerment: since 2004 we have delivered hundreds of workshops with thousands of participants across Australia. The participants are trained in all aspects of video production by our professional filmmakers and educators. Change Media is one of Australia’s largest digital media community empowerment project, providing a stepping-stone for young people and communities to make their own entertaining and relevant media. We also produce media tool-kits and resources, incorporating our unique peer-education method.

Directing the Hero Within;  for the film makers of the future – a peer-training DVD resource
Winner Australian Teachers Of Media Award 2006 for Best Educational Resource.
Finalist at the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association Awards 2007 for Best Learning Education
10 x 14 Bricks; Stories from Youth in Lock-up  -  a crime prevention DVD resource
Winner South Australian Screen Awards 2006 for Innovation in Digital Media.

Tallstoreez broadcast background

[ABCTV, ABC iView, SBS, NITV, TVNZ, UKTV] Projects include "Everything Is Connected" [2016-2017], “Nukkan.Kungun.Yunnan – Ngarrindjeri’s Being Heard” [on National Indigenous TV 2010] and “First Fleet Back – Uncle Kevin vs the Queen”, [on NITV 2007]; 7-part science series “Is Your House Killing You?” [on SBS 2007], 10-part youth comedy-documentary series “Pinnaroo Surfer” [on ABC 2008], and the global success “Holiday Camp” [2002], translated into 8 languages.


Established in 2004 as the Hero Project, we have trained over 3500 participants across Australia, working with young people, Indigenous communities, regional, remote and metropolitan groups. Our films have won multiple awards across the globe and some have even screened on national TV.


The Change Media team of educators, artists and filmmakers are highly creative, motivated mentors, with proven track records in the digital media and TV industry.

We promote creativity, self-esteem and personal growth, learning, respect, collaborative peer education and excellence across a spectrum of new media areas. It offers employment pathways, community and team building skills, IT and digital media training plus an insight into narrative, acting and screen language.

Our unique peer-education method results in entertaining and relevant videos, resources, artworks and documentation.


We have established a strong network of federal, state and regional funding and community partners, who have experienced the empowering outcomes of our projects.

Hundreds of communities and organizations are using our training and resources to share stories, re-engage with marginalized clients, document projects, archive traditional knowledge and foster creativity – and the list goes on.


Our focus is to support communities to establish their own micro-business in media production and training across regional Australia.