Recent Project: Ngarrindjeri Culture Hub

 The Ngarrindjeri Culture Hub is an ongoing Change Media and Ngarrindjeri Regional Authority partnership to create and promote Ngarrindjeri arts and culture, in collaboration with Ngarrindjeri artists and their communities across Ngarrindjeri country.


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RAA - Alice, the Journey
10x14 Bricks- Regret
Christie Walk - A Closer Look
Is Your House Killing You? trailer
Don't Be That Guy - 90 Second version
First Fleet Back trailer
Everything Is Connected - Ngarrindjeri Weaving - 30 sec Trailer
Keepin' It Country
Pinnaroo Surfer Series - High Noon
Everything Is Connected - We Are Ngarrindjeri
Pinnaroo Surfer Series - In Competition
Mental Health Man
The Perfect Refugee - Yomal's Movie Moments
Everything Is Connected - Ngarrindjeri Carving - 30 sec Trailer
Pinnaroo Surfer Series - Heavyweight Champion
Pinnaroo Surfer Series - My Watering Hole
Every Drop Counts
Nukkan Kungun Yunnan - Trailer
Snap TV
Holiday Camp 50min documentary
Mai Palya.Anangu Kunpu.Kata Palya - Good Food. Strong Body. Good Mind
Track of Death
Everything Is Connected - Ngarrindjeri Dance - 30 sec Trailer
RAA - Remote Directing
A Life Well Lived - Trailer
Drum It Up
Marlpa Holiday
Working Quorn
Pinnaroo Surfer Series - Camping's the best
10x14 Bricks - Anger
Pinnaroo Surfer Series - Thinking Man
The Perfect Refugee - The Ad Agency

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