Once you’ve come up with your idea, planned it and gone out and shot it, congratulations, you've entered ‘post-production’. Post-production is anything you do after the production. Stuff like media management, editing your film and integrating graphics and titles.


In this section we explore the basics of editing your film, post-production workflows, graphics and special effects, how to create a soundtrack and how to export and deliver your final, fantastic piece of media.


The Perfect Refugee - Forum Theatre - Showreel
World War 3
Wake Up
RAA - Remote Directing
Barrels of Snow Town
Get Confidence
Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Virtual Tour
Legends of Quorn
The Perfect Refugee - Cure Hunters
Josh Burns
Holiday Camp trailer
Elizabeth Isn't That Bad
Nation To Nation - Aboriginal Regional Authorities SA
10x14 Bricks- Regret
On the Move
Ngarrindjeri Elder Tom Trevorrow
Mai Palya. Anangu Kunpu. Kata Palya - Behind the scenes
Everything Is Connected - Ngarrindjeri Carving
Is Your House Killing You? trailer
River Redgum Restoration
Whats Yours is Mine...d
Don't Be That Guy - TVC
Pilchard Ninjas
Ngarrindjeri Yarluwar Ruwe
Track of Death
Mission Possible
when does the light turn on?
Renmark - Hard to Swallow
What Privilege - the Colony
We Are Water People
FLOW - Life Giving Lands and Waters

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