‘Pre-Production’ is where you start to devise some more of the specifics about your project. No longer in the world of amorphous maybes, or will we/won’t we type discussions, pre-production is your chance to start planning and getting your ideas down on paper.


In this section we look at research and development, different styles of shoots, how to write and create your story and how to organise a production day and manage risks.


The 56 Floods
Nation To Nation - Aboriginal Regional Authorities SA
Pom Fiction - Ozzie Dangers
Ngarrindjeri Ruwe Ngopamuldi - Working on Country
Ngarrindjeri Projection Masterclass
Renmark - Hard to Swallow
Everything Is Connected - Ngarrindjeri Dance
Everything Is Connected - Ngarrindjeri Weaving - 30 sec Trailer
The Perfect Refugee - Yomal's Movie Moments
The Perfect Refugee - The Ad Agency
Recording My Elders
We Are Water People
Every Drop Counts
Tidy Town EIC
Pinnaroo Surfer Series - Big Things
World War 3
Showing Ur True Colourz
Christie Walk - a piece of ecocity
Whats Yours is Mine...d
Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Virtual Tour
Y Art?
On the Move
Barrels of Snow Town
10x14 Bricks - Anger
The Perfect Refugee - Cowra Showreel
Reframing Culture - Trailer
Wurramooka News
Everything Is Connected - Ngarrindjeri Weaving
10x14 Bricks- Regret
Everything Is Connected - Ngarrindjeri Dance - 30 sec Trailer
Is Your House Killing You? trailer

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