Recent Project: Ngarrindjeri Culture Hub


The new Ngarrindjeri Culture Hub website is now live!

And the exhibition date is set for June 4th, with invites to go out mid May:

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Desert Gypsy
Everything Is Connected - Ngarrindjeri Weaving - 30 sec Trailer
Mai Palya. Anangu Kunpu. Kata Palya - Behind the scenes
Skater Boy
Working Quorn
Hoops and Dribbles
Everything Is Connected - Ngarrindjeri Dance
Mental Health Man
A Life Well Lived - Trailer
Elizabeth Isn't That Bad
Drum It Up
Pinnaroo Surfer Series - Heavyweight Champion
Cup Man
The Perfect Refugee - Sir Thomas More
The 56 Floods
Everything Is Connected - Ngarrindjeri Carving - 30 sec Trailer
10x14 Bricks - Choices
Steve Edwina Goes Wild
Nation To Nation - Aboriginal Regional Authorities SA
Pinnaroo Surfer Series - Thinking Man
Weaving and Whispers Play at TarraWarra Biennial
Pinnaroo Surfer - The Original
the Failtaculars
Tidy Town EIC
Ngarrindjeri Yarluwar Ruwe
World War 3
Positively Fabulous Bangkok ICAAP 2013
Holiday Camp 50min documentary
On the Move
Nukkan Kungun Yunnan - Trailer
Pinnaroo Surfer Series - My Watering Hole
Surviva Nunga Style

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