Recent Project: Creating Together


Creating Together website is now live! Click here.

We have been successful with our recent Australia Council for the Arts funding submission. We are working now with our national partners [Arts Access Victoria, Weave Movement Disability Theatre, Visionary Images, Darwin Community Arts, Nexus Arts, University of Western Sydney and Ngarrindjeri Regional Authority] to develop the roll out with... read more


Everything Is Connected - Ngarrindjeri Dance - 30 sec Trailer
Hopes and Fears
Josh Burns
Pom Fiction - Ozzie Dangers
Christie Walk - a piece of ecocity
Horse TV
Reframing Culture - Trailer
Holiday Camp 50min documentary
The Perfect Refugee - Yomal's Movie Moments
A Life Well Lived
Square of Light - Trailer
RAA - Snapshots
Pinnaroo Surfer Series - Football Legend
Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Virtual Tour
Marlpa Holiday
Cup Man
the Failtaculars
First Fleet Back trailer
Everything Is Connected - Ngarrindjeri Carving - 30 sec Trailer
Christie Walk - A Closer Look
The Perfect Refugee - How to Laugh in English
Pinnaroo Surfer Series - My Watering Hole
The Perfect Refugee - Cure Hunters
Pinnaroo Surfer Series - In Competition
10x14 Bricks- Regret
Pinnaroo Heist
A Life Well Lived - Trailer
10x14 Bricks - Anger
Positively Fabulous Teaser
Everything Is Connected - Ngarrindjeri Carving
Slow Down
Ngarrindjeri Ruwe Working On Country

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