Square of Light as part of The Light in Winter 2013: For this behind the scenes documentary we are collaborated with a team of artists from the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre to create a short film about the community art process for Fed Square’s The Light In Winter 2013. Besides this behind the scenes documentary this project includes a public art video work and a series of online video provocations for the Light in Winter 2013.

41 Provocations - Click thumbnails to play

Nobody wants to be hurt
My Identity
Racist Joke
On the Bus
Now I'm a Citizen
Stuck in a Bubble
Sacred Place
Eeni Meenie
Choose Wisely
We are the same
Go Seek!
Internalised Racism
I live with racism everyday
Go Back
Cultural Tattoo
I'm Not Alone
Letting Go
Why the Hate?
We hurt the same
Us and Them
Shattered Heart
A Realisation
Small World
Stranger Danger
My Grandma
Making Choices
My Dad
In Denial
I Wish
Gift of Light
Colour Changes
Beat of Life

The short co-creative documentary about Light in Winter’s Squares of Light, features some of the community art process and its different stages of rehearsals, teaser event and final Solstice performance, narrated by The Light in Winter artistic director Robyn Archer and Fed Square’s community arts producer Nadja Kostich, with contributions from our other interviewees.

The Square of Light
Play: Square of Light
when does the light turn on?
Play: When does the light turn on?

The ASRC requested to use the video to showcase its arts and media outreach programs to its members and supporters. Fed Square is using the documentary to promote the Square of Light and to raise further funds for its community arts programs as part of the Light in Winter 2014 and beyond.

The ASRC members and artists from refugee background who participated in the production, gained another valuable credit and exposure. Two of our participants are now in the process of setting up their own digital media and film making enterprise.

Democracy Forum Edits + Silent Loops - Click thumbnails to play

Democracy Forum Edit 1
Play: Square of Light
Democracy Forum Edit 2
Play: Square of Light
Silent Loop 1
Play: Square of Light
Silent Loop 2
Play: Square of Light
Silent Loop 3
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