Video production is almost never something that is undertaken alone. There are so many skills involved that the number of people involved can vary from a handful to literally thousands. With so many participating in the creation of video the only practical way to acknowledge everyone involved is through a credit roll.


Credit Roll

The most common format for the acknowledgements comes in the form of a credit roll, a large list of names and roles that scroll from one side of the page to the other. The scale of the production will dictate the exact layout used, but the most common is a vertical scroll, with names listed in order of "importance".


Pictures of Video

Aside from showing the names of people involved, credits can also include images or video. This often takes the form of bloopers in comedies or in our case we use it as an opportunity to show our behind the scenes stills, allowing us to show off the community participation in our productions.


Plate Credits

If you don't have a large list of names, an alternative to the credit roll is placing your credits onto separate still 'plates' and fading or cutting between them.





Recent Project: Ngarrindjeri Culture Hub


The new Ngarrindjeri Culture Hub website is now live!

And the exhibition date is set for June 4th, with invites to go out mid May:

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