Today visual effects appears in almost every form of published video. When you mention SFX (Special Effects) or GFX (Graphic Effects) the first thing that you often think of are the mind blowing works of the biggest hollywood blockbusters.
Whilst these graphical feats grow more impressive with every passing day, they also require teams of people working together in the order of hundreds and often costing millions to execute on this level.

Whilst these displays are very impressive, visual effects on some level appear in everything from the news, game shows, adverts to a growing number of youtube content. This abundance is largely attributed to the increase in power of computing and the software required to create these effects, this combined with huge number of free online resource for learning the skills makes it incredibly easy to get started making your own visual effects and composites.


In this section I am going to be walking through several of the visual effects I have created whilst working for Change Media. Each of the videos will include the final visual effects and a breakdown of the techniques i used for each and why.

Whilst the information required to learn these skills is easily accessed today, the number of tools and skills required to effectively make visual effects is quite large. So although it is possible for anyone to learn, the possibility of us providing any specific training is just beyond the scope of the this toolkit, it essentially requiring a toolkit all of it's own… and likely one for each piece of software.






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10x14 Bricks - Freedom
The Perfect Refugee - Sir Thomas More
RAA - Snapshots
On the Move
Desert Gypsy
Pilchard Ninjas
Everything Is Connected - Ngarrindjeri Dance - 30 sec Trailer
Keepin' It Country
Pom Fiction - Adjusting
Ngarrindjeri Ruwe Working On Country
RAA - Remote Directing
Working On Country Forum 2012
Josh Burns
Working Quorn
Get Confidence
Wurramooka News
Pinnaroo Surfer - The Original
Don't Be That Guy - TVC
Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Virtual Tour
Christie Walk - a piece of ecocity
Don't Be That Guy - Behind the Scenes
Pinnaroo Surfer Series - Painting a Masterpiece
10x14 Bricks - Hope
Wake Up
Nukkan Kungun Yunnan - Trailer
Everything Is Connected - Ngarrindjeri Weaving - 30 sec Trailer
Slow Down
Cup Man
when does the light turn on?
Animal Interviews 2
Elizabeth Isn't That Bad

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