This is a teamwork section. Get whiteboard or projector / large screen so you can share your thoughts with the team. This is where you figure out how to realize your project.

Scoping is all about the feasibility of your project once you have your storyline developed and are ready to plan for your production.

It means you want to look at the bigger picture, without loosing track of the narrative elements, but not getting bogged down in the minute details for each scene or sequence.

Sometimes this can be as simple as taking your story ideas and production mind maps and structuring them into different groups: either by calendar/ schedule or by location.
The aim is to produce an easy to read document for your team, that can bring schedule, locations and story elements together on a page, so everyone gets an overview what is involved in making the project happen. We mostly use white boards or sometimes a laptop with a portable projector to get everyone in the room on the same page. After this meeting you want everyone to fully understand what will be involved to create your project. This does apply to other art forms as well, not just documentary or film productions.

This scoping process is great to identify and communicate potential pitfalls or problem areas:

•    Too many locations for the time you have available to be in the area
•    Experimental shots that need extra gear and may not relate to the style of the project
•    Insufficient crew members to cover all angles of the event
•    Night shoots – do you have lights?
•    Location restrictions – do you have permits, access, contact details for responsible person at organization XYZ?
•    Travel time – is it possible to reach all locations according to your schedule?
•    Where do you get lunch or catering from? Who will organize this?
•    Do you have sufficient infrastructure organized – cars, vans, secure space for gear, meeting room / production HQ?

And keep constantly double checking – is this still workable? Do we have the time and money [or good will] to do this?
Find below a series of white board photos from selected projects that give you an idea how this process looks.






Recent Project: What Privilege - The Colony Stage 1

The Colony Stage 1 - Who Comes to Visit? Exhibition, June-July 2018

This work-in-progress with Ngarrindjeri explores assimilation, treaty and bureaucracy as the logistics of empire.What is your experience of whiteness and identity in the context of Treaty and colonization? How do we want to share our limited time on this planet? How do we come to terms?

Find out more on our What Privilege site here: read more


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