If you are planning to make a documentary for broadcast or want to attract funding, you may need to write a script. However, for most short projects or community-media projects, it is unlikely you will have the time. Here are a few examples of scripts and outlines we have used.

Script examples


Script examples

For our ABC 10-part mini-series called Pinnaroo Surfer, we used an outline per episode to indicate the style and narrative.


Pinnaroo Surfer - My Watering Hole


"After a hot day Kade takes his swag and heads to the best country pub in the region. Full of nostalgia, Country and Western, Kade salutes this national icon!After a long hot day Kade heads to the best country pub in the region, the Woolshed.

He throws his swag over his shoulder and with every step he takes the heat of the day seems to be left behind with the setting sun. It’s a long walk through the bush and along the highway before he arrives at the swing doors of The Woolshed.

Full of nostalgia, and great music (including Country AND Western), The pub is quintessentially rural: from the corrugated iron walls to the mechanical bull. Surrounded by country values Kade admires the memorabilia; road signs from ‘Rifle Butt Road’ to the ‘Pinnaroo’ sign with a ‘t’ scrawled at the end. He soaks up the atmosphere, day dreaming about the local Pinnaroo locations.

Kade can’t resist and hops on the mechanical bull and has a brief chat with the publican about the condition of the Rifle Butts, since the rain. The conversation seems eclectic, almost at odds.

Then Kade leaves the pub, and it is revealed that he isn’t in Pinnaroo or the country but in Hindley Street, Adelaide’s garish red light night strip.

As Kade walks down the City street he salutes the national ‘need’ for country icons!

‘I reckon Australia is just one big country town!' "

 For the full Pinnaroo Surfer outlines for each episdoe and the full script, use the downloads below!


Another great example for scripted community film making is our 'Whats Yours Is Mine...d' project we did with the community in Gloucester. Our artistic director scripted the hybrid comedy with the participants on the first day of a 3-day workshop - and we watched the fine cut of the award-winning film at the end of the last day!








Recent Project: What Privilege cards ready

 It is done - after four years of development, collaborations, testing, game play and re-working - the What Priviege cards, formely known as the Typology of Harm, are ready for sale now in our new webshop.

We are ... read more


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