Sometimes it is possible to film a test run, for example the dress rehearsal of a performance can give you a great overview what will happen the next day on stage – and you might find that some of the footage offers you the necessary other angle in the edit later…


If you have control over the event, for example during a shoot for a cultural tour ask the guide to stop at every important point and repeat some of the key elements, so that you can shoot a second angle, close ups and cut-aways. These close ups and alternative angles will be invaluable when you edit your event documentary – and often you can’t re-do the event to shoot it again…


If you know that you won’t be able to ask for repeats or you won’t have any control of the event, for example at a special ceremony or at a sports event, make sure you bring two cameras and discuss with both teams what they each will shoot.
If you can’t access a second camera, go through the event and identify your 5 key scenes you MUST get and plan ahead.

Working with tripods





Recent Project: What Privilege - The Colony Stage 1

The Colony Stage 1 - Who Comes to Visit? Exhibition, June-July 2018

This work-in-progress with Ngarrindjeri explores assimilation, treaty and bureaucracy as the logistics of empire.What is your experience of whiteness and identity in the context of Treaty and colonization? How do we want to share our limited time on this planet? How do we come to terms?

Find out more on our What Privilege site here: read more


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