Sometimes it is possible to film a test run, for example the dress rehearsal of a performance can give you a great overview what will happen the next day on stage – and you might find that some of the footage offers you the necessary other angle in the edit later…


If you have control over the event, for example during a shoot for a cultural tour ask the guide to stop at every important point and repeat some of the key elements, so that you can shoot a second angle, close ups and cut-aways. These close ups and alternative angles will be invaluable when you edit your event documentary – and often you can’t re-do the event to shoot it again…


If you know that you won’t be able to ask for repeats or you won’t have any control of the event, for example at a special ceremony or at a sports event, make sure you bring two cameras and discuss with both teams what they each will shoot.
If you can’t access a second camera, go through the event and identify your 5 key scenes you MUST get and plan ahead.

Working with tripods





Recent Project: Ngarrindjeri Culture Hub


The new Ngarrindjeri Culture Hub website is now live!

And the exhibition date is set for June 4th, with invites to go out mid May:

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