Jen awarded 2-year Australia Council Fellowship

Friday 5 December 2014

Australia Council invests in leading artists

Some of Australia’s most accomplished artists working in various art forms have been recognized with prestigious Australia Council Fellowships. The highly sought after fellowships, worth $100,000 over two years, are awarded to outstanding, established artists for creative activity and professional development.  

This year they have been awarded to 12 artists in seven art form areas more


Josh Burns
Pinnaroo Surfer Series - High Noon
Pinnaroo Surfer Series - Thinking Man
Hide and Seek
Don't Be That Guy - 90 Second version
Tidy Town EIC
Animal Interviews 1
Everyones a Hero
Ngarrindjeri Ruwe Working On Country
Pilchard Ninjas
Nukkan Kungun Yunnan - Trailer
World War 3
Biggest Mob of Chips
Meningie Foreshore Restoration
Recording Culture
Every Drop Counts
A Life Well Lived - Trailer
Pom Fiction - Adjusting
Working On Country Forum 2012
10x14 Bricks- Regret
RAA - All Consuming Art
Recording My Elders
A Life Well Lived
Christie Walk - A Closer Look
First Fleet Back trailer
Animal Interviews 2
Pinnaroo Surfer Series - Football Legend
Pinnaroo Surfer Series - Heavyweight Champion
Pinnaroo Surfer Series - In Competition
Pinnaroo Heist
10x14 Bricks - Anger

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