Recent Project: 2-year Australia Council Fellowship for Jen Lyons-Reid

Interrogate stories, values and best practice in CACD to identify new narrative and media strategies:

Informed, egalitarian societies rely on individual critical literacy – our ability to understand and meaningfully engage in the ethical, aesthetic and political stories that shape our collective lives. Valuing and exchanging stories is at the heart of CACD practice and I am interested in how we collectively script powerful stories for social change within a rapidly changing media landscape.

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Putting Out Fires
Ngarrindjeri Ruwe Ngopamuldi - Working on Country
The Perfect Refugee - Yomal's Movie Moments
Square of Light - Trailer
Pinnaroo Surfer Series - Big Things
Pinnaroo Surfer Series - Painting a Masterpiece
Every Drop Counts
Drum It Up
Mai Palya.Anangu Kunpu.Kata Palya - Good Food. Strong Body. Good Mind
Get Confidence
Pinnaroo Heist
Everyones a Hero
First Fleet Back trailer
Pinnaroo Surfer Series - Heavyweight Champion
Pinnaroo Surfer Series - My Watering Hole
Recording Culture
Christie Walk - A Closer Look
10x14 Bricks - Trailer
Don't Be That Guy - TVC
10x14 Bricks - Freedom
Animal Interviews 1
Hoops and Dribbles
Barrels of Snow Town
The Big Find
The Perfect Refugee - Sir Thomas More
The Perfect Refugee - Forum Theatre - Showreel
Working On Country Forum 2012
Artists not Aliens
Pinnaroo Surfer Series - Football Legend
Where is Father Christmas?

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